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Momentum for Sales Managers - 10am PT/ 12pm CT/ 1pm ET

  Type:   Momentum!   Start Date:   04/21/2021 - 10:00 AM
  Location:   Online Training   End Date:   04/21/2021 - 11:00 AM

Class Duration: 30 mins.

This webinar shows sales managers how to monitor key activities throughout Momentum to ensure their staff are staying on top of their opportunities as well as learning how to review key performance metrics. The following topics are covered:

� Checking showroom activity and reviewing stats to ensure showroom traffic is being captured
� Monitoring activity and completion of scheduled follow-up such unsold showroom traffic calls, lease retention follow-up, or anniversary calls.
� Reviewing eCommerce activity and reporting
� Monitoring prospect activity and locating prospects without salesperson follow-up.
� Viewing upcoming sales or delivery appointments and updating appointment activity (mark show, confirm, reschedule, etc.)
� Reviewing appraised vehicles and pushing to 3rd party appraisal tools
� Understanding the �Possible Duplicates� function to merge prospects
� Review of useful Momentum reports:
o Enterprise Report
o eCommerce
o Unsold Showroom Traffic
� Q&A Time � At the end of the online training session, time is allotted for questions managers may have about any feature in Momentum.

Access to a phone and high speed internet connection is needed. Your computer will need to access (Check with your IT department in the event your internet access is limited). Once you have signed up for this class you will be sent an invitation via email to "join" this meeting. Follow the meeting instructions the day of the meeting and make sure dial-in to conference call number provided to interact with your Momentum trainer.

NOTE: For a thorough understanding of Momentum, a Sales Manager should have completed the following Momentum webinar(s): �Momentum 101 for Salespeople and eCommerce Staff�